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When you come to the point in listing your item that brings you to eBay.co.uk's optional listing features, you see the headline, 'Get more bids with these optional features!' Increasing your bids sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But getting carried away by these options is easy and can lead to spending all your expected profits before you earn them.

In the eBay University Advanced Selling class, instructors quote auction success rates for the features, but in the real life of your business, success varies from auction to auction and category to category. If you take the boldface option and then your auction appears in a category full of boldface auction titles, the bold just doesn't have the punch you paid for. Your auction would stand out more without the bold option. The same logic applies to highlighting. Certain categories are loaded with sellers that go overboard in the use of this feature - all the auction titles appear in a big lavender blur.

Weigh the pros and cons in terms of how these optional listing features affect your eBay business. Does spending a little extra money enhance your item enough to justify the cost? Can you make up the extra money in auction profits? You need a good understanding of what the options are and when and how you can use them to their fullest advantage.

In every auction you run, you pay an insertion fee for listing your auction and a final value fee. (We discuss these two fees in the 'eBay.co.uk's Cut of the Action' section, later in this chapter.) If you accept credit card payments, or use a service such as PayPal, you also pay a fee to the payment service. Estimate your expenses from these basics before you consider spending money for advertising.

Ebay Cash Insider

Ebay Cash Insider

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