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Many of the approaches to making your auctions stand out from the crowd that I've already described in this chapter are included in two utilities provided by eBay itself. These utilities, Seller's Assistant Basic and Seller's Assistant Pro, are designed to help you get your photos online and give your auction descriptions graphic interest.

From the standpoint of graphic presentation, Seller's Assistant Basic and Pro both provide you with a variety of templates you can use to present your sales items. Each template has its own graphic design. Unfortunately, you can't get a look at these designs without subscribing to the monthly service. You can try out either the Basic or Pro versions free for 30 days, but after that eBay begins charging you ($4.99 per month for Basic and $15.99 for Pro) unless you cancel. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the eBay Seller's Assistant page ( assistant/index.html) and click Subscribe Now.

2. When the Seller's Assistant Subscription page appears, fill in your User ID (if necessary; it may already be filled in) and password, and click Sign In.

3. When the eBay Seller's Assistant Subscription page appears, click Subscribe next to the version of Seller's Assistant that you want.

4. Read the User Agreement, and then click I Accept.

5. Click Download Seller's Assistant Basic (or Seller's Assistant Pro, depending on the version you have chosen).

6. When the File Download box appears, click Open. The file downloads to your hard disk.

7. When download is complete, the InstallShield Wizard opens automatically. Follow the steps shown in the wizard to install Seller's Assistant.

8. Start up Seller's Assistant by clicking Start | Programs (All Programs on Windows XP) | eBay | Seller's Assistant Basic.

9. When the License Agreement window appears, read the License Agreement, then click I Agree. You may have to insert your original Microsoft Office 5

CD-ROM in order to update the software.

10. The Seller's Assistant program leads you through a series of initial setup tasks. When you're done, the program window opens (see Figure 5-8).

Click here to spell-check your description

Click here to spell-check your description

Choose a theme from this list


Seller's Assistant lets you choose a graphic theme and spell check your listings.

Choose a theme from this list


Seller's Assistant lets you choose a graphic theme and spell check your listings.

Seller's Assistant comes with a set of 20 built-in themes; you preview them by clicking the Edit button next to the drop-down list of themes in the Seller's Assistant window.

Seller's Assistant Pro does carry a higher monthly fee than Seller's Assistant Basic (which is deducted from your eBay seller's account), but it provides you with some useful features that will make managing multiple auctions a lot easier, including the ability to track your inventory, print shipping labels, and create sales reports. These features are discussed in Chapter 6 along with other software that helps you manage multiple auctions.

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