Observe your customers privacy

Everyone on eBay has to play by the rules. If they didn't, auction chaos would result. Sales could end at any time; bidders could compete after the ending time; people might pay with peanuts rather than dollars. Just as you observe eBay's rules, you need to observe the rules set down by local and federal governments. If you don't keep your eBay business legal, chaos might not result on eBay, but a sort of chaos might hamper your ability to do business at all. You might get sued, you might get negative feedback, or you might be charged with breaking the law.

Chances are you're not a lawyer. You started out on eBay in the hope of making a few extra bucks, and you don't have experience in legal requirements for businesses. This chapter discusses ways to avoid legal trouble by following a few commonsense principles. You need to be aware of the laws that govern the type of business you operate, you need to avoid stepping on someone's trademarked or copyrighted material, you need to pay necessary fees, and you need to observe the privacy of those you meet on eBay. If you do these simple things, your business will run not only smoothly but profitably, and you'll be able to head off potential trouble before it occurs.

Auction Traffic Explosion

Auction Traffic Explosion

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