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My eBay is a useful tool that you can use whenever you're buying or selling on the auction site. It's a Web page that eBay provides to keep track of things you have bid on. There's also a Selling tab that you can use to keep track of your current sales.

My eBay isn't something you have to set up or subscribe to use. Any time you want to access My eBay, click the my eBay link at the top of the eBay navigation bar that appears on just about every eBay page. A page like the one shown in Figure 6-1 appears.

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Browse |j Sell Search | Help |j Community

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□ Search titles and descriptions

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Favorites Accounts Feedback

Preferences All

Goto: Items I'm Biddinq On | Items I've Won | Items I'm Watchinq | 1 Items 1 Didn't Win


Your ended items can be found in the Items I've Won or Items 1 Didn't Win sections below.

Your preferred zip code will be shown to the seller to calculate shipping. Please

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My eBay lets you track your sales and other auction activities online.


My eBay lets you track your sales and other auction activities online.

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