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eBay auctions enable you to sell items one at a time. Assuming you have different items, they will be spread all over eBay auctions into their requisite categories. As Gertrude Stein once said about an Amer ican city she considered boring, "There's no there there." Indeed, there is no sense that the eBay auction seller is a retail organization that exists someplace.

Because eBay auctions enables you to sell only one item per auction (or multiples of one item at one time), such auctions are not necessarily conducive to selling additional items to new buyers and existing customers. Consequently, it's up to you to do something to make your retail presence felt in eBay auctions.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is to run so many repeat auctions in the categories in which you sell products that it seems like you're always there. This gives the illusion of having a presence in eBay auctions. (But read the Volume Management section in Chapter 24 for the downside of such a practice.) Certainly this works for many kinds of businesses that make repeat sales of the same products day in and day out. Even those businesses, however, can get lost in pages and pages of items listed for sale on eBay auctions. If your strategy is to create a presence, you will do well to time your auctions so that they are spread over all of the listing pages of identical products being sold on eBay auctions. For instance, if you group them all together, they may appear on page 6 but on none of the other 14 pages of products eBay auctions generates for that type of product.

With this strategy you have to have your products spread out over the eBay auction pages day in and day out, 365 days a year, to maintain your presence in cyber world.

For those that don't have products that they sell each day repeatedly but rather sell only occasionally, this strategy doesn't work very well.

Another way you can enhance your marketing and establish something of a presence on eBay is to cross-sell. You can do this with a cross-selling device (panel) provided by eBay or another auction management services such as Andale. You can also do it by referring people to your other eBay auctions. eBay automatically lists all of your other auctions that you're currently running and will show such auctions if a buyer clicks on a link. This has some effect in establishing the illusion of your presence in eBay.

What is the great advantage of eBay auctions? The buyers are there. If you have the product, they have the money. A transaction is imminent.

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