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The main goal of this chapter is to get you started with browser-based applications. When you reach this point of the chapter, you should know how to perform two essential tasks: make a request and authenticate a user. As long as you know how to perform these two essential tasks, you can extend what you know to other areas of eBay. Web services are technically specialized applications that communicate with remote servers using a request and response strategy.

The chapter does show more than the two basic tasks. What you need to do now is check the list of functions that eBay provides to perform specific tasks at http://developer.ebay .com/DevZone/docs/API_Doc/Functions/FunctionsOverview.htm. Every function in this list is a request and response pair. The documentation tells you what you have to provide as part of the request and what eBay will provide in response. Spend time looking at this list of functions as you develop ideas using the examples in this chapter and the other chapters of the book.

You can do a lot with JavaScript. In fact, it's possible to build fairly complex applications using this technique. However, JavaScript isn't the best approach to use when you want to analyze the data or create stunning reports on your eBay auctions. Those tasks are best performed by Microsoft Office (or another product like it). Chapter 7 shows how to perform these tasks using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Even though this chapter does use Microsoft Office for demonstration purposes, you'll be surprised at the number of applications that rely on VBA for macro capability. Chapter 7 shows that you can make eBay very friendly by using the correct desktop application effectively.

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