Writing Applications Using VBA

Understanding How to Writing Applications

Writing Applications

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Many people associate Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) with Microsoft Office. While it's true that Microsoft Office does rely on VBA as a development language, you'll find VBA used with other applications too (see the list at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vba/companies/company.asp). Therefore, even though the examples in this chapter do rely on Microsoft products, you can use the information with any product that supports VBA.

This chapter explores methods of coupling eBay Web Services to an application with VBA capability. You can use eBay Web Services to meet a number of needs. For example, you can write an application that draws current sales information for an item that you're auctioning using eBay Web Services and then uses Excel to chart the progress of that product. Likewise, you can obtain information from eBay Web Services to create a report in Word. You might use such a report to help management understand the current resources available on a particular subject—perhaps a new area the company plans to target for business.

Unfortunately, one chapter can't do everything that you normally find in a whole book. You won't learn how to use VBA in this chapter, and I'm assuming you also know how to use the application in question. The chapter doesn't leave you completely in the dark, however. The "Resources for Learning VBA" section contains information on where you can learn more about VBA. Knowing how to use VBA is a prerequisite for this chapter.

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