Understanding the Example Types

I designed most of the examples in this section with eBay Web Services process in mind. This means they aren't always the most realistic examples or that they'll provide results good enough to use for your next application. However, the examples demonstrate principles that make it easier for you to work with eBay Web Services as the book progresses. Most importantly, the examples serve as a basis for learning that Web services aren't difficult.

Many people won't actually build an application to work with eBay. If they do build a simple application, it will be part of a Web pageā€”not part of a Web server setup. The first set of examples demonstrates that this technique is possible, although it has limitations. The Web page approach is quite useful when you want to present someone with options or help them locate information associated with a product. Given the requirements of a standard certification, you probably won't want to use this approach if you plan to distribute or sell your application because it's going to be very difficult to meet the eBay requirements. This technique works best if you want to create a quick application you can use for your own needs.

The second set of examples demonstrates two kinds of applications. The first type is for desktop users. Many people will build applications to make eBay friendlier for environments where desktop applications see greater use, such as in an office. The book discusses a number of applications; this one simply demonstrates how the process works. The second example demonstrates that size is unimportant in many ways. Although you'll find that the Pocket PC does pose some limits on how you interact with eBay, it's quite capable of performing many tasks.

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