Resources for Learning VBA

This chapter won't teach you how to use VBA. I'm assuming that you already know enough about VBA to create your own simple applications. If you don't already have this knowledge, you can get it from a number of sources. The first place to look is my book, VBA for Dummies, Fourth Edition (Wiley, 2003). This book introduces you to VBA and takes you through examples using all of the major Microsoft Office applications.

You'll also want to look at some of the resources that Microsoft provides. For example, you'll find the various Microsoft Office Resource Kits at: office/ork/home.htm,, or Make sure you check out the Office Developer's Center at

The Microsoft Office site includes some interesting tools at office/ork/2000/appndx/toolbox.htm. Office 2003 users can find similar information on their product at

It's amazing to see how many third party sources you can find online for VBA. Many sites have free code, specialized examples, chat forums, tutorials, or other offerings that make your VBA experience better. For example, you can download a VBA tutorial at http:// (L-Basic isn't a new form of Basic—it's a tutorial about Visual Basic in general and very good for learning VBA— you download the program, install it, and run it on your desktop). Online Excel VBA tutorials appear at and

Don't forget to visit newsgroups with your VBA questions. Microsoft sponsors VBA newsgroups at, microsoft.public.excel.programming, microsoft.public.frontpage.programming.vba, .outlook.vba, microsoft.public.outlook.program_vba, microsoft.public.project.vba, microsoft.public.visio.developer.vba, and a series of Word newsgroups beginning with microsoft.public.word.vba.

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