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Like the Microsoft emulators, the Openwave SDK is also a free download, but the Openwave Web site offers plenty of opportunity to purchase products as well. (You must complete a registration form to get the free download.) The Openwave file you download is an executable, so double-clicking it starts the installation process. Simply follow the prompts to install the product. Most versions of the product require yes or no answers to each question.

The Openwave Web site offers a number of versions of the product. I suggest you download the latest version of the product to ensure you get the latest features. The Mobile SDK Version 1.5 is the most current and capable full version product available. However, the 5.1 version is also very capable and it includes a number of features not found in the 6.2.2 version used for this chapter. Figure 11.2 shows some of the optional features you can install with the 5.1 version (and get as part of the Mobile SDK Version 1.5). If you want to use Openwave as your development platform, you might want to download the 5.1 version (or both versions). The 6.2.2 version is most useful as an emulator only.

FIGURE 11.2:

Select custom options as needed for your emulator setup.

Once you get Openwave installed and have restarted your machine, you'll want to test this product. If you installed the 6.2.2 version, all you get is the emulator. To start the emulator, select the Start ^ Programs ^ Openwave SDK 6.2.2 ^ Openwave SDK 6.2.2 HTTP option. You'll see the emulator start. The emulator automatically goes to the Openwave test site on first use, but you can change that location by opening the SDK Configuration dialog box using the Tools ^ Options menu. Select the Browse tab and change the Homepage field.

As previously mentioned, Openwave SDK 5.1 has more to offer than other versions of the product. Unlike some of the other emulators you'll use, this one is actually part of a development IDE. Select the Start ^ Programs ^ Openwave SDK 5.1 ^ Openwave SDK 5.1 option to open an IDE similar to other IDEs you may have used in the past. However, for this book, the important feature is the emulator that appears in the right side pane. To use this feature, you'll need to use the Simulator ^ Go to Address command, enter an URL in the Go To Address dialog box, and then click OK.

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