An Alternative to VBA

One issue to consider before you invest a lot of time in VBA is whether you need VBA at all. Most Office 2003 applications and many third party applications can work with XML data directly. You can even format that data using XSLT. Consequently, you could download the information you need using any of the browser techniques discussed in Chapters 2, 4, and 6. Simply save the resulting XML file to disk and you have the raw information you need to perform an analysis, develop a report, or create a chart.

You still need to call the XSLT file in some way. When working with the browser examples, you indicated which XSLT file to use as part of a script. This technique works fine when you have a script to use, but the most basic technique for working with desktop applications doesn't allow this technique. However, you can add a special processing instruction to your downloaded raw file to ensure the desktop application knows how to format the information. Listing 7.1 shows a typical example of this addition. You'll find the complete source for this example in the \Chapter 07\SimpleInput folder of the source code located on the Sybex Web site.

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