Adding Feedback to Your Application

Most people have an opinion. The opinion doesn't have a right or wrong value—it's simply how they feel about a particular topic. Getting an honest opinion from people can be difficult, but you can do it. When the topic concerns your application or Web site, the need to get an honest opinion is essential. Otherwise, changes you make to an application or Web site as the result of user feedback is going to be off target—you want to target the users of your site to ensure they have a great experience.

Don't assume that every positive feedback message you receive means that you're doing everything right with your application. Some people will tell you positive things to obtain benefits they might not normally receive or simply because they don't want to hurt your feelings. Likewise, not every negative message is an indictment against your programming practices. Sometimes a user will have a bad day and decide to take it out on you because you're the nearest target that can't attack back. Deciphering feedback often means reading the message several times and deciding just how it affects your application (or whether it affects your application at all).

When you mix interaction with another application (eBay Web Services in this case), the problems of getting honest feedback intensify. You need to consider whether the feedback relates to your application, a connectivity issue caused by an ISP, the user's environment, or eBay Web Services (among other things). It's not always easy to sort even a good opinion into the right area.

The following sections discuss user feedback. This information reflects issues you need to consider when working with eBay Web Services. For example, it discusses some of the problems of sorting information into the right area for consideration.

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