Check for an eBay Store

When you've decided to buy a Buy It Now item, or bid on a seller's auction, double-check to see if the seller has an eBay store. Look for the small red store tag after the seller's name. If he or she has an eBay store, click on the red tag, and you'll be taken to the seller's store. Sellers often list the very same items in their eBay store for a lower Buy It Now price. Why? It costs them considerably less to list items in their store, and they list more items.

Once you're in the store see if the seller has the items you want listed in their store as Buy It Now items. (You wouldn't see these items listed on an eBay search.) Just type a keyword from the item title in the search box in the store. You can save money by clicking your mouse, and taking an extra minute. It's definitely worth it.

Ebay PowerSeller

Ebay PowerSeller

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