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Looking back on Figure 15-1, below the search box, you'll see a category listing that's similar to the one on the eBay home page. The only difference is that when you click these categories, you're browsing eBay stores by category — and not the rest of the eBay auction categories. Each category has a home page very similar to the Stores hub page (see Figure 15-4).

The main category of the eBay Stores page shown in Figure 15-4 is Clothing & Accessories. When you look at the left side of this page, you can view the store's subcategories.

When you click a subcategory (such as Women) you are able to view the subcategory pages. Figure 15-5 shows the Women subcat-egory of the Clothing & Accessories category.

Figure 15-4: The eBay Stores Clothing & Accessories category.

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Sobbe Clothing to Size 10X 2662 n«im in worn«a T*> qviH| «tat** wt Hpc Typ* m yov wi •»» »titçfc K»«» le« «1

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$te*e* Cai^anri eBay Stores

Clothing a Accessories Women

Accessorlos 2727 Worn* in worn»»»

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Maternity Misses Petltes Plus Site» Footwear

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Figure 15-5: The Women subcategory of eBay Stores Clothing & Accessories.

You'll note that on the left side, even more subcategories are listed. Right down the center of the page is a listing of all stores in the Women subcategory. The stores are listed in descending order; the stores with the most items are at the top of the list, and the stores with the fewest are at the end.

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