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What is the one thing that all listings on eBay have in common? A 'Title' and a "Description'.

Right? Right!

If done correctly your titles and descriptions can help you, not just sell your item- but get bidders in a competitive bidding war!

We will be exploring in this issue how to maximize the number of bids you receive on your auction listings with a well crafted title.

One thing is certain- without the right title on your auction no one will find you or worse, anyone who does find you won't know what your selling.

There are great titles, average titles and really bad titles on eBay.

The really great titles all have one thing in common: They are 'Specific, informative and accurate"

All average titles have something in common too. They are vague, not very informative and plain.

For example, I took a random sampling of my own eBay auction titles and the number of page views I received. The results were interesting:

XXX 16"" 2.5MM PLATINUM OMEGA NECKLACE RSVP | 705 | N ** Bulova Accutron Man's Wristwatch c1967 | 656 | Y ***c1873 Wedgwood Majolica Garden Urn ~ NR ~ | 621 | Y Art Deco 14K Ladies Wristwatch c1927 ~NoRsrv~ | 468 | Y* Large Aubusson Floral Wool Tapestry Rug c1850 | 444 | Y ** Early Monopoly Game c1930's ~NR~ | 435 | Y Elegant Vintage Purse Made In France ~RSVP~ | 418 | Y

Persian Gabbeh Tribal Rug BRIGHTLY COLORED~NR | 412 | Y Hamilton Art Deco 14k Formed Wristwatch c1927 | 388 | N* 1964 12"" GI JOE 15 Piece COLLECTION Box | 380 | Y *** LC Tiffany Peacock Lamp ~NR~ | 311 | N 1877 Needlepoint Sampler in Period Frame | 305 | Y -PLATINUM Round Hoop Earrings ~RSVP Required- | 281 | N ~ Tiffany Peacock Lamp and Base ~NR~ | 265 | N ESTATE- Oil On Canvas c1875 w/Eastlake Frame | 240 | N ** POWER BEAD STRINGING KIT- Create YOUR OWN! | 230 | Y

- Magnificent Tiffany Peacock Lamp - | 229 | N -RSVP- PLATINUM Triangle Hoop Earrings CE!! | 210 | N * Ugly Button Ear Cinnamon Teddy Bear | 194 | Y -RSVP- PLATINUM Twist Hoop Earrings CE!! | 193 | N

YOU CAN Make Money Day Trading -The EASY WAY- | 177 | Y -2

- Wyckoff's Day Trading Secrets - | 173 | Y - 9 Tarzan of The Apes by ER Burroughs w/dj-! | 162 | Y ***Waterbury Clear Glass Oil Lamp c1900 | 160 | Y *** LC Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp -NR- | 155 | N

---Striking PLATINUM and DIAMOND Pendant | 152 | N

*Mother Of Pearl Opera Glasses c1870 w/case ! | 141 | Y GE Tube Radio c1947 -NO RESERVE- | 139 | Y * -Elegant 5mm Platinum Ball Post Earrings -NR! | 130 | Y GE Bakelite Tube Radio c 1947 | 128 | Y Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp -NO RSV FREE SHIPPING! | 122 | N -Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby Dachshund- | 121 | N** c1920's JC Higgins SIGNATURE Baseball Bat | 113 | Y *** Art Deco Marble Base Desk Set -- NR -- | 107 | Y

- 7 Ways To A Six-Figure Income On eBay - | 105 | Y-10

- Day Trading Success MADE EASY - | 104 | Y-3 **Hull ""Sitting Piggy Bank"" Special Item -NR- | 101 | Y

Item that did not sell on first listing- title was changed. ** Item was closed early. Y= sold N=not sold Y#= dutch auction and number of items sold.

I use FooDogSoftware ( for all my listings and they include a free counter from every time I list an item on eBay. The 'hits' you see on each listing above is from their counters.

Out of 37 listings in this sample, 24 sold. About 65%. Two items were re-listed after the first listing failed to sell. Also, there were 4 dutch auctions that sold multiple items—but to simplify things I counted it as only 1 sale, even if 10 items were sold.

Let's take a closer look at the titles of the auctions and see what correlations we can make between the titles, number of hits and sales that will help us sell more.

First, the item with the largest number of hits was the "XXX 16" 2.5MM Platinum Omega Necklace RSVP" with 705 hits.

I put the "XXX" at the beginning of the Title just to test the number of hits I would receive. Obviously, I did get a lot of hits with "XXX" in the title. The problem, of course, is—it didn't sell. It could have been the opening bid or any number of other problems with the listing, but my guess is that people searching for "XXX" and adult related material on eBay, saw the listing, were curious and just clicked on the page to see what I was really selling—but were not serious prospects.

The second highest number of hits was for a watch, "** Bulova Accutron Man's Wristwatch c1967-" with 656 hits. This one really surprised me. I picked up the watch for $3.00 at a local estate sale. It was in good condition, but the battery was dead. A new battery cost me $9.00. It sold at the end of a 10 day auction for $87.00. I knew Bulova watches (especially the Accutron's) were collectible, but I didn't realize the interest it would generate. I was also surprised by the final price.

Notice that the title was:

1. Specific

2. Informative; and

3. Accurate

"Bulova" - specific manufacturer's name

"Accutron" - specific model

"Man's" - informative

"Wristwatch" - informative and accurate

"c1967" - informative

You'll notice too, that of the top 10 listings with the greatest number of hits (not counting the "XXX" listing) each title was specific, informative and accurate-that is to say there wasn't any 'hype' or selling words such as "WOW" or "LOOK", etc.

Finally look at "** Early Monopoly Game c1930's ~NR~" with 405 hits. Purchased for $17.50 at a local auction, I thought it would bring $35-$55 on eBay. To my surprise it went for $625.00. The title broke my rule about being 100% accurate. But it had "Monopoly" in the title, was informative, "c 1930's" and a No Reserve (NR) auction. Again, it surprised me how much interest there is in the eBay marketplace for early Monopoly sets and the price it brought.

Each of these auction titles were specific, accurate and informative:

Persian Gabbeh Tribal Rug BRIGHTLY COLORED~NR 1964 12" GI JOE 15 Piece COLLECTION Box 1877 Needlepoint Sampler in Period Frame

If you're auctioning collectibles and you're getting a lot of emails asking for 'further details', you're probably not being specific, accurate or informative enough in your titles and descriptions. Try looking at your item the way your potential bidder looks at it- they want to know every detail about what you're selling- they don't want hype or fluff.

Also, I have just given you valuable market data— use it to make money! Look for old Monopoly games and pieces at yard sales, estate sales, auctions, etc. that are reasonably priced. Also keep an eye out for Bulova Accutrons in good condition. Especially valuable are the "Space" series with the see-though watch faces.

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